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Small, simple, affordable tools for the lighting designer and electrician

Coming summer 2009:
Palm OS 5 versions of original PocketLighting tools
(Palm may be abandoning the Palm OS, but we're not)
Stay tuned...

Pocket Lighting™ is a series of very inexpensive mini-applications for Palm OS organizers. Using it is as simple as 1,2,3!

1 - Download

You can download the whole series right here. The download is about 100k, and the installed applications will take between 110-250k of memory on your organizer, depending on how many titles you install.
Note: These are not compatible with Palm OS 5 devices.

Download PocketLighting.sit for installation from a Mac
Download for installation from Windows

2 - Install

After downloading, install Pocket Lighting on your Palm organizer and put it to work as a lighting assistant.

3 - Register

Pocket Lighting titles run in demo mode until registered. Click Here to go to the order page to buy registration codes which turn those demos into fully functional tools. Some demos are time-limited, some are feature-limited.

If you want to read more about Pocket Lighting, then check out the descriptions and pictures on this page. Pocket Lighting is only available here, from this web page, so bookmark it now!

Pocket Lighting works on Palm OS devices including the Palm, Handspring Visor, IBM WorkPad, Sony Clie, etc. A version that is compatible with Palm OS 5 and PocketPC devices will be released soon.

All information on this page is subject to change, usually for the better.


Find beam sizes and illumination for common lighting fixtures.

 BeamCalc screen shot

 BeamCalc screen shot

Price: $20
Available: Now
Where: Here

Quickly calculate multi-universe DMX addresses.

 DMXCalc screen shot


Price: $5.12 (of course)
Available: Now

Cue Tools bundle
Timer: Multi-part stopwatch
Profiles: Graphic profile creator

 Timer screen shot


 Profile screen shot

 Profile screen shot

Price for Timer and Profiles bundle: only $10
Available: Now
Where: Here

Color Names
Gel color name and number cross-reference.



Price: $5
Available: Now
Where: Here

Other Works in Progress:
Projection Magic - Based on Mark Mongold's classic projection size calculator.

LXCalc - Watts/volts/amps, wire sizing, voltage drop, and more electrical goodies.

Axis Access - Moving light attribute channel calcutator.

Stay tuned for more, or click here to drop us an email we will keep you informed as new titles are released.


Other cool lighting products from West Side Systems:
Virtual Light Lab lighting desktop lighting lab.

Cue Conversion console disk translation service.

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