Virtual Light Lab™ 3

Virtual Light Lab software allows lighting designers, teachers, or students to experiment with light, shadow, color composition, and cue timing in a simulated lighting studio. Models are placed on a stage and lighted, a backdrop image is added, stage looks are composed. Moving a light or changing a color is as simple as dragging a light icon or a color swatch with the mouse. Recorded scenes can be assigned fade times and played back at full screen size.Virtual Light Lab is fast and easy to use: highly realistic images are displayed immediately and there is no complicated 3D drawing system to learn.


Reviews of version 2

"How many of us lighting designers have agonized into the early hours about color choice? What will happen to that fabric or how will those lights mix from these angles onto that dancer? And how do you teach the wondrous subtleties of color to the younger generation? I can't talk about it and it's too expensive to play with it; one can only dream about color in light. Here at last is the lighting designer's virtual color palette. A genius little program that with astonishing subtlety brings all those color swatch books and impossible numbers to life in your computer. A multi-colored dream come true. It will inform every lighting designer's visions."

-Richard Pilbrow

"Virtual Light Lab is a helpful design tool, even for advanced designers; an excellent educational tool; and an effective supplement to an actual light lab. It is a worthy investment for any working designer or teacher of design."

-Lynne Porter, TCI October 1996
(Live Design magazine was published as TCI at the time of this review.)

"Easy to use .... very intuitive design .... a valuable tool not only for teaching, but for experimenting with various styles of lighting and color combinations."

-Jay Holben, American Cinematographer April 1997


"It's a helpful tool for a designer and an excellent teaching tool for an educator."

-Karl G. Ruling, ESTA Protocol Winter 2001

Demo download
Click to go to the download page for the Macintosh demo or the Windows demo.

Minimum requirements
Macintosh: OS X 10.2.6 or later, 128MB memory, 800x600 display, QuickTime.
Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP, 128MB memory, 800x600 display, QuickTime.

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Virtual Light Lab costs only $239. Multi-user site licenses are available for institutions planning installation on multiple computers or a network. Click to read the site license text.

Additional Models
A collection of 25 additional figure models is available. Click here for details.

Click button to purchase single user version ($239):

Email scan of student ID for access to student version price ($149). info(at)

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