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Additional Models for Virtual Light Lab - only $25

new models

Expand Virtual Light Lab with a new collection of models. The new models vastly extend the repertory of our original figures, Lucy and Ray, with:

The collection contains the 25 models shown above. (Click the image to see more detail.) Including their flipped views, you will have 50 new model options when you install this collection. Make more realistic presentations to directors, choreographers, and clients. Design more creatively with a greater variety of models to light. Enrich teaching and learning about lighting.

The collection is available at an introductory price of $25. It can be downloaded immediately upon payment. The download archive is about 12 megabytes, and expands to 45 megabytes when unzipped. Drag the new models to your Models folder, restart Virtual Light Lab, and enjoy.

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There is also a new version of Virtual Light Lab available. It's a free update for version 3 users. Click here for details.

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