Cue Conversion

Disk translation is a reality! No more tedious re-keying of cues.

We currently support:

While we're at it...

Cue Conversion offers several additional options during the translation process. If channel numbers must be changed, customers can provide a channel conversion list to renumber, split, and combine channels on the target console. Shows spanning multiple disks on an older console can be compiled onto one new disk during the translation. And finally, patch information from Lightwright or other sources can be included on the new disk, saving even more manual entry time.


A standard cue translation between any two formats costs $250 per show. If you have an entire repertory to translate, call and we'll talk. Add $50 per show for channel renumbering, patch import and/or multi-disk compilation. Turn-around time is typically less than a week. We'll send you two copies of the new translation (because you should always have two copies of your show) and we will keep a confidential back-up copy for you in case of damage in shipping or any subsequent handling mishap.

Rush service available via email for most current console formats.

More info

Need to do a translation? Contact us now. Or drop a note about your particular needs if you would like to be kept informed as additional consoles are supported.

Selected Clients

"It worked beautifully, thank you so much. I will certainly use your services again in the future, as well as recommend you to others. Thanks for your service and speed."
Nate Wiessner, Technical Director, Williams College

"Thanks for all of your help. I could not have done this one (or Cabaret Australia, or Elaine Stritch) without your help. Everything came through flawlessly."
Mike Baldassari, Lighting Designer

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Cue Conversion $250
Retargeted Cue Conversion $150
Optional channel renumbering $50

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