Give Lightwright® Touch for the Holidays

Give now, pay later.

Lightwright Touch has not been released yet, but you can still give it this holiday season. Download this tantalizing screenshot, suitable for framing, wrapping or emailing, and give it to your favorite lighting designer or electrician. When Lightwright Touch is released early next year, gift the app through iTunes and surprise him or her again.

Shopping dosen't get much easier than this. Click here to see the 8x10 PDF screenshot in a new window. Use your browser's image saving function to download it. Or contact us to request an emailed copy.

The introductory price will be $49.99 US/CA, £29.99 UK, 39,99€ EU, $59.99 AU, $64.99 NZ, ¥5,8000 JP, initially available for iPad only. The screenshot PDF is free. It's up to you to follow through when Lightwright Touch is released. But, if you want to save a few dollars, read on...

Pre-purchase and save $10.

Use the PayPal button to pay only $39.99 now and receive a full rebate when you purchase the release version. Just email us your PayPal receipt and your iTunes receipt and we'll refund you the full purchase price through PayPal.
Fine print: This is a limited time offer. For non-US customers rebate will be $49.99 USD which PayPal or your bank will convert to your currency. Your actual savings will depend on exchange rates and the iTunes pricing for Lightwright Touch in your country.